Seeking wealth on the streets of Hanoi


During the Đổi Mới economic reform in 1986, Vietnam implemented an open-door policy towards foreign investment.

This policy caused dramatic changes for the country, attracting international interest and opening up the economy to market forces.

As a result, the gap between rich and poor is increasing, as Charmayne Allison discovered.

Contrast between Rich and Poor in Hanoi
Louis Vuitton and Scooters
Dior and Powerlines
Lady on the Street
Dog at the Window
Chairs of Hanoi
Louis Vuitton and Lanterns
Alleyway and Chandelier


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Charmayne Allison

Charmayne Allison is a third year Journalism and Communications student at the University of Queensland. Her greatest passions are human rights, justice and foreign affairs, and she hopes to utilise these one day as an investigative journalist. She is greatly looking forward to the invaluable experience she will gain as a reporter for UQ in Vietnam.

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