From Cyclo to Scooter: Transport in Vietnam


The scooter is the People’s vehicle. Cheap to run and accessible to the masses. From whole families to live produce, everything travels by scooter in Vietnam. Staying safe is another issue, with road rules and scooters mixing like oil and water.

But, as the economy grows so does the percentage of population who can afford a car. If you can afford a car in Vietnam, you aren’t buying a two door Yaris. It’s European, it’s expensive or it’s back to two wheels.

Why then, do cyclos and sampans still exist? One word, tourism. Here, you can cyclo through Ho Chi Minh City or travel on a replica junk through Halong Bay. While you may not be a French aristocrat or Chinese trader, you can still imagine.


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Zinzan Clements

Lover of catering and journalism. Decided to combine my love of the two and apply for the Vietnam Trip and see how the Vietnamese do. Focusing my stories around rice, urban food production and the holy grail of sandwiches - Bánh mì!

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